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Cover the required abilities and competencies in your technical training

We specialize in multi-format learning solutions for ICT companies, available online or onsite everywhere in the world.

Build a certification program for your team


Transform your technical content with tailored learning tools 

We adapt your technical instruction resources in the language or format that align with your training goals.

Build the right training program, free consultation


How will you succeed in your learning experience?

A tailored training experience and a personalized learning path

instructor 1
Certified instructors with experience in international projects
certificacion 1
Preparation of your team needs to review for their certification
libro-abierto 1
Practice tasks in the training areas that need to be strengthened
examen 1
Mock exams to prepare your team
consejo 1
Practical advice to obtain a high score in the certification exam
entrenamiento 1
A training program based on your company’s needs
administracion (1) 1
Learning experiences designed after your team’s day-to-day work
evaluacion (1) 1
Assessment of your team's prior knowledge
suscripcion 1
Content developed by experts in the technical area
llave-inglesa 1
Tools that your team requires for their training
maleta 1
Content that adds value to your team’s tasks
interactivo 1
Interactive content for your attendees

Our solutions for technical telecom and IT learning

Certifications programs and training.

Our training methods can adapt to a classroom, lab, or online experience. As well as
your language. As consultants, we guide you from conceptualization to adaptation.

Certification training:

  • Reach your team’s goal in a short time and with high approval certification rates
  • We offer practical advice, simulations and training.

Product training

  • Core Network
  • Cloud, 5G, 4G, 3G
  • Optix, Datacom
  • IP Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Storage

Technical learning content development

We develop specialized content with international standards. Our commercial and
engineering translators ensure the accuracy of terminology in your language

Professionally translated presentations and any other course material in your language
Worksheets designed to help retain the acquired knowledge
Transcription, translation, subtitling, and dubbing
Develop my
instruction content
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