– Trainer IV –

Juan F.    Acosta
Age: 32
Expertice: ICT, A&S, Network Energy and Video Solution
Email: juan.acosta@isatelgroup.com
Nationality: Colombian
Trainer Since: April 15, 2016

System and Petroleum engineer with a trajectory of 4+ years in the Oil and gas industry and 5+ years of experience in the ICT Industry.

Network Energy: All the catalogue for Telecom Power including Hybrid and Modular Data Center and management platforms such as NetECO. HCS- Network Energy and HCIA – Data Center Facilities.
ICT: All the catalogue Servers, Storage, and virtualization also digital transformation. HCIA-Cloud Computing, HCIA-Cloud Services, HCIA-Storage, HCS- IT, HCSI Systems Instructor -Cloud Services.
A&S: Specialist trainer for VAS Cloud Solution including all components such as SMS, VMS, UAP, UAG, USSD, IM, PROVISON and UVC 5.7.

Collegue Trainer
Super Friendly
Great Attitude

– Trainings History –

Country/Customer Training Program
Mexico/Telmex iManager i2000 – IPTrunk
Panama/Tigo NGBSS Solution Overview Training (for Business Configuration) Trainer Assistant
Panama/Tigo Typical Offering case Training Trainer Assistant
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA VAS Cloud Solution Training
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA VAS Cloud Platform Administration Training
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA I2000 System Operation and Maintenance
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA UAP9600 System Operation and Maintenance Training
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA MOne VMS Operation and Maintenance Training
Costa Rica / ICE COSTA RICA Huawei Provisioning Service BSS
China / Huawei UVC 5.7 System O&M

Juan’s satisfactions scores are one of the best wordwide.

Teaching Skills
Questions Solving

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